National Geographic, March, 1960 | Firewood Travels to Katmandu on the Back of a Sturdy Patriarch | His work began on the evergreen-covered slopes above the Valley of Katmandu. Assisted by his sons, he felled trees and cut them into fireplace-sized sticks. Shouldering two loads, he trotted miles to the city, where he sold the wood for 50 cents. p. 371

National Geographic, March, 1960 | Hindus Pray and Feast at an Outdoor Wedding | Here, on a shore of the Kali River, a Brahman priest reads the ritual uniting the couple at the center. p. 394-395

National Geographic, March 1960 | Katmandu Fruit Vendors Break Winter’s Chill With Cotton Quilts | Sidewalk market displays tangerines, guavas, tiny bananas, cashew, papaya (center), peas, and limes. Most of the capital’s fruit must be imported from beyond the Katmandu Valley. (Kodachrome by Schuyler Jones) p. 381

A Tarascan Indian boy stands before a mountain not much older than he. The volcano Paricutin was born in 1943 when flames burst up through a cornfield. -The World of Mankind 1947

Carnival time in Trinidad brings out this fantastic conception of an American Indian. Saved and refurbished each year, some heavy costumes need wheeled supporters. -The World of Mankind 1947